ISX 15 Cummins EGR Delete CM2250-2350 2010-2015 Cooler Kit


ISX CM2250-2350 2010-2015 Cooler Delete Kit — PART NO. 1015-26


ISX 15 Cummings EGR Delete CM2250-2350 2010-2015 Cooler Kit — PART NO. 1015-26

2010-2015 ISX CM2250 Cummins SINGLE OVERHEAD CAM EGR COOLER Delete kit includes: 2ea-coolant plugs with O-rings, 1ea-freeze plug, 2ea-fittings with O-rings, size tool, and instructions. Kit comes with hi-temp O-rings for extra durability. With this kit all engine components STAY ORIGINAL and LOOK ORIGINAL.

For those who have deleted Exhaust and intake already.

This kit is proven and tested, will need Ecu reprogrammed accordingly to eliminate check engine light and proper engine operation. THIS KIT WILL ONLY WORK WITH MODELS 2010-2015 THAT HAS BELLOWS FLEX

All kits are precision machined by CNC and checked for quality of craftsmanship. We stand behind our product for best experience possible.

This kit is intended for off road use, racing or for testing purposes! According to the EPA, they are illegal for use on any Federal, State, or Local public highways .

Please contact me if you have any questions.

Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 5 × 3 in


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