D13, D16, D11 VOLVO Injector Cup Seat Resurfacing


D13, D16, D11 VOLVO Injector Cup Seat Resurfacing

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We can resurface worn out injector/cup seats to the factory finish resealing the injector. You do not have to worry about replacing cups and later having leaks. The cup has to be torqued properly or it will leak. By refinishing you can keep the injector original. The injector cup sealing area (the seat) has a small radius that we follow- IT IS NOT A 45 DEGREE ANGLE. The 45 degree angle DOES NOT work on these and will leak.

We DO NOT inspect injectors for operation at our facility; we would only resurface the injector/cup you provide us. We are not liable for machining a faulty injector and later asking for money back. IT IS CUSTOMER’S RESPONSIBILITY TO ENSURE THAT THE ITEMS PROVIDED TO US ARE WHAT YOU WANT US TO RESURFACE. It’s best to provide your name and a phone number inside the package so if any questions arise we can contact you right away. Your phone # will not be shared with any one.

We ship overnight and usually have the ability to have a 2-day turnaround process. If you ship overnight and we get your package at no later than noon time the next day- we can process your injectors and ship them out the same day we received the set. THIS (FAST) TRICK MAY NOT ALWAYS WORK DUE TO GEOGRAPHICAL LOCATION OF THE SHIPPER.

Please contact us via email contact@VpPartsUnlimited.com if you need it overnight. We can usually save you money on a shipping label.

Our overnight shipping cut off time is 3:30 pm Pacific time.

When shipping:
1 Please label your injectors so you can identify your injectors without a doubt of ownership upon return. It can be your initials with a paint marker or ?…

2 The items have to be packed VERY TIGHT inside the box and have padding around the walls of the box to prevent damage to the injectors during shipping. (WE CANNOT BE LIABLE FOR ANY DAMAGE THAT OCCURRED DURING SHIPPING AS A RESULT OF LOOSE PACKING). All received items will be video recorded while opening the package and recorded for our insurance purposes in case of any dispute; therefore, you will be responsible for improper packing and damage cost. All mail would have damage insurance (extra charge) with the carrier which we use (UPS) if we help with a shipping label-NO EXCEPTIONS.

3 After packing- seal the box and shake up and down side to side to make sure there is no movement of parts inside the box. (REMEMBER! carriers throw boxes around while shipped unless it’s labeled “fragile” on the box)

Additional information

Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 4 in